.Net Developer

Job Responsibilities Work with the application owners to define and document requirements, design enhancements, and develop and test the enhancements for a logistics application. Minimum Requirements oExpert knowledge of C# syntax. o5 - 10 years of experience with Winforms. o5 - 10 years of experience ASP.NET Webforms. o5 - 10 years of experience working with MS SQL Server (SQL Language Syntax, Stored Procedures). o2 - 3 years of experience with the Entity Framework (Database First). o3 - 5 years of experience of WCF Web Services. oExperience with Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services. oExperience working with Windows Services (.NET, Background services). oWorking Knowledge of .NET Reflection is required for the Winforms plugin architecture and various other automation techniques utilized by the application. oExperience with ClickOnce deployments and code signing is required. oExperience working with Oracle is a required. oExperience working with TFS build server is a plus. oSome experience of ASP.NET MVC is a plus. 28600BR
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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